Slimming World: Week 2

What a week! I went into this diet full throttle and this week I realised that the novelty definitely starts to wear off. This week I was full of determination: I succumbed a BBQ full of tasty treats, a McDonalds trip, a trip to Costa and above all else, a battered sausage craving (approximately 13 Syns).

For all of you ladies out there you will appreciate the craving that you get occasionally. Whether it be for chocolate, bread, cake, sweets and occasionally, a battered sausage. I cannot justify 13 syns on one craving and I am still battling this one to this day. I know why your probably reading this and its to no ramble on about my cravings and hardship on this diet, its to find out how much I lost in my second week. I lost a grand total of 4lb this week! Im so pleased to have such a significant loss again. I know my losses are going to be less in the upcoming weeks but for now this is what’s keeping me motivated and improving my eating habits. Not forgetting that I can speed up the process by eating SP foods.

Above is a screen capture of my SW application on my phone. It documents your weight loss into a line graph so you can view your achievements week by week and view it daily for motivation.

START WEIGHT: 16 st 7 lb
GOAL: 12 st 0 lb
CURRENT WEIGHT: 15 st 09 lbĀ