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DISCLAIMERBefore we start, please note that I do not own the rights to the documents I post and this is a personal account on the diet. Any files I attach belong to Slimming World and were located via a basic google search. I am not a health expert or a nutritionist so please; if you are unsure of the plan or the diet, please consult with a doctor or speak to one of the Slimming World representatives and I am sure they will be more than happy to help. I am not sponsored or endorsed by Sliming World.

Slimming World Free Foods

Please see the PDF above to see the Slimming World ‘Free Foods’. Any of the foods listed with an ‘S’ are Speed foods. It is recommended that you eat these for a faster weight loss.

Slimming World Healthy Extras

Please see the PDF above to see the Slimming World ‘Healthy Extra’s’ You can choose one item of food from each list a day. Healthy Extra A is Dairy products and the B is Fibre. You can only have one from each section and these are not counted as a Syn. Pick Wisely!


The slimming world plan:


Choose your ‘Free Foods’

  • Lean Meat (5% fat) and poultry (Skinned and any fat needs to be removed)
  • Fish and seafood
  • Potatoes, pluses and starchy vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Fat-Free dairy products
  • Quorn and Tofu

Don’t forget to pick your ‘Speed Foods’ (please see the list of the free foods in the PDF document above, these are all documented with an ‘S’ Symbol as mentioned previously).


Healthy Extras

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Wholemeal bread
  • Cereal Bars (e.g. Alpen)
  • Soups


Choose your Syns! (Slimming World, whether you joined online or joined the classes or both, they will inform you of your daily Syn allowance).

You have to syn ALL of the food that we love. Which is anything outside of your ‘free foods’ and ‘Healthy Extras’ e.g. White bread, chocolate, crisps, sauces etc….

How do you find out your Syn? When you join online and via class you are given an app you can use on your phone or a syn Calculator that you can put the nutritional value of your foods and find out how much syn the food is that you wish to eat in the day. The amount of Syns you are allowed depends on your height and weight. My allocation is 5 – 15 Syns a day, my height is 5 ft 3 inch and my start weight is 16 St 7 Lb. To put it in perspective, 1 slice of White bread is 5 syns, so it really does encourage you not to eat the foods that are bad for us. If we do eat these foods, it teaches us to eat them in moderation.

Slimming World Pride themselves on the fact that the clientele they have are never hungry. The idea is to fill yourself up on all of the free foods rather than eating the unnecessary calories we eat generally.



  • SW: Slimming World
  • HEA: Healthy Extra A
  • HEB: Healthy Extra B
  • FF: Free Food
  • SF: Speed Food
  • F: Fibre
  • C: Calcium


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