Slimming World: Week 1

1/2 stone weight loss award

You’ve guessed it! Today was my first weigh in after following the SW diet for 1 week. My start weight was 16 st 7 lb and my weight today was 15 st 13 lb! I am so pleased and so absolutely ecstatic with the results. I did not think in my wildest dreams that I would lose 8 lb in my first week of sticking to plan. I was actually hoping to lose 3 – 4 lb, not a whopping 8 lb! As you already know, if you read my ‘Slimming World: the Beginning’ page that I am following the app only. I thought my weigh day was a Sunday for some reason and not the Saturday which really threw me off. The app actually notifies you when you need to weigh in which is very handy (especially when you forget the day, like I did). When you do eventually finish procrastinating about the fact and stand on the dreaded scales to put in your up-to-date weight, if you have achieved anything like I have, it will present you with a picture, like the one at the top of this post, congratulating you on your loss. How adorable, comes to mind. I’m so thrilled and this really has motivated me to do more.

All I will say about this week is that, I have hardly eaten any of my syns and have eaten a lot of speed foods. This may have contributed to the big loss and I am definitely not expecting the same next week!

START WEIGHT: 16 st 7 lb
GOAL: 12 st 0 lb
CURRENT WEIGHT: 15 st 13 lb 

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  1. Bigbird
    June 16, 2018 at 11:33 am

    Great news, well done 🙂

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