Slimming World: The Beginning

So, Slimming World (SW). I have to say that this time has been a long time coming. I have been an advocate for Weight Watchers (WW) for such a long time and have recently made the decision to convert to SW purely for convenience purposes. I work full time and I don’t always have a calculator on me to follow and accurately Smart Point (WW Metric) all of the foods that I eat, I therefore decided to switch to a different healthy eating plan that best suits me and my lifestyle. I do have to mention that although I am changing, the WW diet also worked and there is nothing wrong with it, in fact, I lost weight on the WW diet and am going to say what other people say in light of different plans: “They all work if you stick to them”, this is 100% true. So no bad feelings to any of the diets out there, its just that the SW diet was the most enticing out of the bunch.

As I have mentioned before, I am 16st 7lb of woman. Although my partner says he doesn’t love me any less at this weight, I started to fall out of love with myself. The things I used to enjoy have become more challenging, the clothes I love no longer fit or look nice and my health conditions have worsened since becoming a bigger version of myself. I have sat back and realised that only I can change this about myself, no-one else can go on a healthy eating plan for me and no-one is forcing me to eat the foods that I eat. This realisation has meant that I am more dedicated than ever to lose weight and become a more healthy individual.

The help that I have had around me is phenomenal. A close friend of mine is actually embarking on the same SW plan as me, she is a week ahead of me on her journey and is actually the inspiration for me to join. This friend isn’t just any friend, she practically lives with me. I have always said that my house is an extended version of her own because we see each other so often and we used to eat ALL THE FOOD good and bad including take-away and sweet treats. It was like a friendship triangle: Me, my friend and food. No longer is this the case! My friend is doing incredibly well on the plan and lost 4lb in her first week, amazing! We are both sharing food ideas and speaking about our challenges that we are facing. The good thing is, we don’t weigh on the same day! Why does this count? It counts because there is only 3/4 days to wait until we hear a weight loss from either of us. I weigh on a Saturday and my friend weighs on a Wednesday which means a loss is just around the corner. We share our losses not just for an ego boost like most people would think although this helps, its for motivation and determination. Those numbers going down is definitely what should motivate anyone, not to mention the health benefits I have got from it like my energy levels and my skin becoming clearer!

You may be reading this to see what the diet en-tales more then listen to me ramble on about randomness, however I am not a SW representative and have stated in a previous post (About: Slimming World) that this is a personal documentation of my journey and losses. There is also information on that page and PDF links to help you with your journey if you need them or would like to read them to get a feel of the types of foods that you can eat on this plan. I am an online only member, because my friend is going to the classes she is able to relay back to me what happens at the classes. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to the classes were no good for me because of how sporadic my working hours are (I work 12 hour shifts). I would say however that if you do have the time, please go to the classes. The classes are a great way to share ideas and speak to people in the same position as you. My friend is like my class which is why it hasn’t bothered me so much on this occasion but people who are attempting to go at it on their own, please consider. Remember, all of the feelings that you have before you go to the class like; the anxiety, the worry of humiliation and wondering if you are making the right choice? You will not have been the first person to experience these feelings, so put one foot in front of the other and think to yourself ‘You got this’. At the end of the day, you have taken the first steps to success and being a much healthier you! That’s a good feeling in itself, right?!

To summarise, I just wanted to say thank you for reading this, even if it is a fleeting visit. I will be uploading more recipes into the ‘Food Gallery’ section of my blog so please keep your eyes pealed for this. If you are visiting on a mobile, to view the captions of the photos you need to push on the photo and slide the page slightly to see the caption. If you are visiting on a desktop, please just hover over with your mouse and this will show you the syn count and ingredients.

At the end of all of my posts I will leave my personal credentials so you can see any losses, sustains and (hopefully not) gains.

START WEIGHT: 16 st 7 lb
GOAL: 12 st 0 lb

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