‘Absolutely’ is a word that’s used lesser as time goes by: Such a shame because the affirmative phrase is so pleasing to individuals with the urge to explore everything they come across in their day by day life. Saying absolutely or definitely on a whim because you want to, will lead to to places you’ve never been and adventured. Last year was interesting for me because instead of saying ‘maybe’ or ‘if’ I had to resist temptation to my normal hesitation and just say ‘YES’. 2017 shaped up to be a pretty interesting year, so hopefully 2018 will be a successful following.

I have many activities in my life that fill me with joy through many means; exploring life’s luxuries like casual dining in local restaurants and taking casual walks/bicycle rides with a camera in hand to captivate a memorable moment wherever possible. Modern day memories seem to be forced by the invisible laws of society to plan and spend money but in actual fact, I believe memories are sometimes what nature and people throw at us to remind us that the beautiful world we live in invites us to explore it and envelope a scene for referencing purposes when you need them most.

Something that I aught to mention is the fact that I am a Voluptuous (fat) woman who is a very tall (short) 5 feet 3 inches. I currently weigh in at 16 stone and 7 pounds: The perfect combination to gain the nick-name ‘Dumpling’ from friends and family; but not for long! I don’t want to ramble on too much about this here at I don’t want to bore you by repeating myself too much. I am however embarking on a weight loss/healthy eating journey with ‘Slimming World’ and hope to inspire or educate people a long the way. Documenting my journey will motivate me also, so please comment and share your thoughts and ideas on any of my pages as this will also help me! Look out for some yummy recipe’s!

I am a very lucky lady in the world of madness to be blessed with a fiancĂ© who I am completely smitten by, 2 wonderful parents who have given me all of the foundations to be the best version of me possible to everyone in my life and my friends and family of course. I have never kept a serious diary of life events growing up because I was too busy doing life then documenting it. I don’t know what’s compelled me to, at the age of 25, start an online journal but here goes nothing. Memories of a young woman living life and describing my memorable moments the best I can to whoever may read. Enjoy!

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